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Our people

Executive management

Ecofi Investissements is a limited liability company with a Supervisory Board and an Executive Board.
This collegial form of governance is benefit to spur development of the company and enable it to deftly respond to client needs in an asset management industry undergoing profound change. The Executive Board consists of 4 members:

  • Pierre Valentin, Chairman
  • Christophe Couturier, Vice Chairman and Managing Director
  • Gauthier Poppe, Company secretary of BTP Banque
  • Marc Becquart, Strategic and communication director

Are directly attached to the Executive Board,the Financial Risk Manager Michel Delouya and the RCCI and Head of regulatory and internal control, Laurent Salotti.

Investment team

The set of portfolio management teams is under Olivier Guillou’s responsibility, as CIO and member of the Executive Management Committee. Having spent most of his professional career with Ecofi Investissements, his mission is to organise and manage investment professionals. His duties consist of steering asset allocation policy, during a period where adapting swiftly to the changes witnessed by markets and client investors becomes crucial. He also contributes to expertise in managing multi-asset and convertible bond portfolios.

Our 16 portfolio managers, most of them analysts, possess long experience of markets and display great stability within the company. We manage open-end funds, institutional funds and investment mandates across all major asset classes. An in-house economic research team also enables us to enjoy independence in macro-economic analysis that contributes to building our asset allocation process.

Sales department

The sales department is headed by Laurent Vidal, member of the Executive Management Committee.
Our clients form the heart of our strategy. We are specialised by market segment so that we can offer investment solutions that are best suited for each of you, based on regulations that apply to you, your own constraints and your strategic challenges.

Ecofi Investissements focuses on the following client profiles:

  • companies;
  • pension funds, benefits insurance companies, foundations, employee funds and other institutional investors;
  • health and other insurance mutuals, religious, cultural and social associations;
  • distribution partners: independent financial advisors (IFAs), retail investors, family offices, private banks, and multi-managers.

We distribute our products and services through the bank branch networks of Crédit Coopératif and BTP Banque, as well as through direct marketing to institutional investors, corporate clients and independent wealth managers.
Our client support department works with them to provide the best possible service.
Institutional marketing support, product marketing and communication also report to the sales department.

Ethical & social finance department

Headed by François Lett, the ethical and social finance research department reports directly to general management. 
This department provides expertise in security analysis  behind the SRI, social investment and income-sharing funds. We work closely with Crédit Coopératif Group, who for 125 years has accompanied social and solidarity-based institutions and their development in France and Europe. Ecofi Investissements teams draw on their knowledge of these social enterprises to better grasp their financing needs.

Operations & Administration

Operations & Administration activities are overseen by Alain Canderlé, member of the Executive Management Committee. He brings together supporting operational functions of the Investment Management Company.

Legal Department
Headed by Frédéric Mallet, this department consists of 2 staff.

Operations Department
The Operations Department, co-diriged by Nicolas Forissier and Olivier Janbon, counts 10 staff.
It comprises “Control, Reporting, Data Administration“ unit and IT unit under Rose-Marie Campant’s responsibility.

Finance & Administration Department
Alain Canderlé as Company Secretary is directly responsible for this department.