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Our commitments

A pioneering commitment

As a pioneer in social finance for purposes of human solidarity, we have made responsibility the hallmark of our investment model. Beyond investing in social, income-sharing, and sustainable development funds, as well as SRI portfolio management, this commitment informs our relations with all our stakeholders. 
As a firm, we have undertaken some innovative initiatives, including the first income-sharing fund in Europe, in 1983; the creation of our first socially responsible investment SICAV fund (OEIC) in 2000; the 100% social investment fund in 2011; fund for future generations in 2014, etc.

Is it possible to reconcile financial performance and social engagement?

Yes, it is. Over the past 35 years Ecofi Investissements has proven it. The global financial crisis and the environmental threats (eg climate change) highlight  growing interest in socially useful finance. We are convinced that citizens of the 21st century – who are increasingly aware of the impact of our lifestyle and consumer habits on society and the future of humanity – cannot invest today without regard for how their money is used. And contrary to accepted wisdom, there is no difference in financial returns between SRI and traditional investment! 

A historical player

• Participation in 2001, alongside Crédit Coopératif, in setting up the European Federation of Ethical and Alternative Banks (FEBEA), an international association whose mission is to “develop ethical and social finance in Europe”.

• Active participation in local SRI think tanks:

  • ORSE (Corporate Social Responsibility Centre);
  • FIR (Responsible Investment Forum, Member of EUROSIF);
  • SRI Committee of the French Investment Management Association (AFG);
  • SRI Committee of the French Society of Financial Analysts (SFAF).
  • As a founding member since 2007 of the Finance and Sustainable Development Durable Chair (FDIR) at the Ecole Polytechnique and Université de Toulouse.

• Signatory of the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) since 2009.

• Novethic SRI label and Finansol label for social finance, which are guarantees of transparency and seriousness in these commitments.

Comprehensive expertise

Ecofi Investissements now offers a broad range of mutual funds allowing you to play an active and innovative role in four areas of ethical finance: SRI with the goal of influencing corporate behaviour, social finance with the goal of helping the community, sharing of income from investments with the goal of giving to worthy causes, and sustainable development with the goal of providing for the future.
We are mindful of transparency in methodology and the ultimate rationale of investing, so that you know what purpose your money is serving.