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Agility and responsiveness are hallmarks of our balanced investment approach. Ecofi Investissements is backed by a structured process adjusted to all types of balanced funds. The synthetic indicator of risk level is assessed monthly:

  • Skilfully allocating assets based on the market environment;
  • Seizing opportunities;
  • Managing risk;
  • Achieving the best return possible, depending on the targeted level of risk.




A proprietary synthetic indicator with six asset allocations corresponding to six levels of risk:

  • Risk assessment based on market risk tolerance and client profile; it is modelled by software and the level chosen is approved by the Asset Allocation Committee.
  • Daily analysis of Value at Risk contributions (position, sector, country) and stress testing corresponding to various scenarios with the analytical tool Riskdata.
  • Calculation of equity and forex exposure, interest-rate duration and credit spread that facilitate managing risk factors from investing in equity, currency and fixed income markets.
  • Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) analysis to identify as early as possible issuer risk in these challenges.