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Social investing


Ecofi Investissements is committed to supporting the social economy that stands for human solidarity.

In our social investment funds, 5-10% of the portfolio is devoted to financing social enterprises, non-listed companies or associations with high social or environmental value. And with Ecofi Contrat Solidaire, set up as a specialised investment fund under the AIFM directive, over 90% of assets may finance social businesses or institutions!

Our approach? To finance them at preferential terms of cost (ie approximately the interest rate applied on savings for holders of the Livret A passbook in France), in order provide them with the resources that breathe life to their projects.

Belonging to Crédit Coopératif Group allows us to intervene on a daily basis by taking part in financing more than 70 social enterprises that reflect four major themes of activity:



Risk diversification
Direct investments in more than 70 social enterprises (businesses, institutions) favouring debt securities in terms of investment.

Transparency in reporting
Subscribers are informed precisely of financed social beneficiaries and the impact of their activities.

Liquidity of social investments is provided by Crédit Coopératif under a back-stop facility.