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Our Group

Ecofi Investissements is a wholly owned subsidiary of Crédit Coopératif Group. As a cooperative banking group anchored in the social economy, Crédit Coopératif Group is mindful of the demands expressed by all its clients, however specific they may be are: institutions, associations, foundations, and companies, as well as trade federations and construction companies. The Group bank is resolutely committed to socially useful and innovative finance that reconciles meaning with performance.

A customer-focused Group
Crédit Coopératif Group consists of two banking establishments:
• Crédit Coopératif, a pre-eminent bank in the French social and solidarity-based economy for more than 120 years;
• ​BTP Banque, which for 90 years has focused on construction and civil engineering companies and institutions.

The Group include also two asset managers:
 • Ecofi Investissements, who manage a full range of placement, with a welknow experience on all asset classes, especially in SRI and solidarity funds;
 • Esfin Gestion, capital investment partner of Social and Solidarity Economy, specialist for more than 30 years in financing equity finance. Esfin Gestion belong 100% to Ecofi Investissements by january 2018.


The group also fosters specialised services in subsidiaries that provide specific know-how

Bati Lease, Inter-Coop and Intercop Location for property leasing, and BTP Capital Investissement for private equity transactions. Crédit Coopératif Group offers other specialised services, in particular in financial engineering and company transmission with, for example, BTP Capital Conseil. Crédit Coopératif Group also partners with establishments that are affiliated with its members as shareholders. These partner establishments are credit institutions for which Crédit Coopératif provides auditing services, liquidity and solvency under a partnership contract.
These affiliated entities intervene on a sector or geographical basis, as well as offering skills in the provision of financial guarantees or credit, including some operating in the field of microfinance. Others offer banking services, such as Banque Edel for the Edouard Leclerc supermarket chain.

Crédit Coopératif also has investment stakes in many entities. Most of these are represent statutory, professional or technical undertakings (bankcard consortium, BPCE, Banque Populaire Développement, IFCIC, etc.). They are may also be distinguished as “opportunity investments” or “partnership holdings”. Since the end of 2010, the latter has accounted for 16% of the bank’s investment portfolio.The partnership stakes are most often in the form of supplying capital to social economy entities involved in social housing, renewable energies, development capital, or dedicated European structures.

Crédit Coopératif, a socially useful bank

As a cooperative bank for more than 125 years, Crédit Coopératif’s mission is to promote the development of an economy with greater social value. At Crédit Coopératif, our clients are shareholder members who hold an equity stake in the bank through their shares. They are also integrated into the functioning of the company and take part in the bank’s development. Associations, public-interest organisations, health-insurance mutuals, foundations, clusters of cooperatives, SMEs and industries, social businesses, socially responsible companies, etc all feature as Crédit Coopératif’s chosen customers. Since 1995, private customers also allowed to join the cooperative bank. All seek to support a society where People and their environment take precedence over capital. As a bank with a distinctive character in the French banking landscape, Crédit Coopératif works operates in all banking areas applying cooperative principles that it values: transparency, education, and collaborative development. The banking group has formalised these principles and commitments in 2015 in its  declaration of principles and its governance charter

BTP Banque

Created in December 1919 on the initiative of the building trade federations (Chambres Syndicales du Bâtiment and the Chambres Syndicales des Travaux Publics), BTP Banque has devoted itself from the start to companies and professional organisations. Belonging to Crédit Coopératif Group allows it to purse its mission as a specialised bank at the service of construction companies and thus buttress its identity. BTP Banque specialises in operating financing of construction companies and issuing the warranties necessary for obtaining and executing both public procurement and private contracts. BTP Banque is now able to address all equipment financing needs, including vehicles, business equipment, commercial real estate and others through a broad range of credit services (medium- and long-term loans, operating and financial leases). Its strengthened presence in the field, with 40 branches, brings BTP Banque close to its customers and to develop real know-how among professionals. 

Crédit Coopératif within the BPCE Group

As a member of the Banque Populaire network, Crédit Coopératif is one of the parent companies of BPCE group, holding 1% of the latter’s capital. BPCE is the combined banking entity of the networks Banques Populaires and Caisses d’Épargne. It also acts as their central operating body with corporate functions. BPCE hence represents Crédit Coopératif in regard to the public authorities and guarantees its solvency and its liquidity in exchange for undertaking an oversight role.

The BPCE group, France’s second-largest banking group is deeply rooted in the territory it covers. Its 115,000 employees are at the service of 36 million clients, of which 8.8 million are also shareholder members of the mutual banks. In accordance with its cooperative status, the combined financial group assists them in their projects and builds a long-term relationship with them, thus contributing 20% of the financing of the French economy.

Being part of a major financial services group means having access to its resources and to the products and services of its subsidiaries and partners.
It means benefiting from its overall ratings, which lowers financing costs and hence, makes it possible to borrow on better terms. This is the clients’ guarantee that they will have a broad range of products and services. It also means taking part in a solidarity-based cross-financing mechanism, which is either a responsibility or a source of strength, depending on the case. The calling card of the “Cooperatives, banks and insurers done working differently” document is consistent with our values.